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While the vast majority of coffee professionals from traditional consumer markets may never see where green coffee is produced up close, the Brazilian coffee services company Wolthers & Associates is offering the world a unique glimpse of the farm. In partnership with Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based importer Wolthers Douqué, the Santos-based brokerage, logistics and quality assurance...
According to a survey published earlier this year, the coffee growing region in southeastern Brazil will have its landscapes well modified, in coffee cultivation by 2050, a new modality cultivation in the shade of trees. The study also provided some hope: if farmers start implementing coffee agroforestry systems with an average shade coverage of 50%...
The “biennial effect” in coffee — the idea that yields from coffee plants are naturally higher one year and lower the next due to a kind of physiological recovery — is often cited by agricultural and financial analysts as it relates to global coffee supply.

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