Why Sancoffee



“B Corp companies strive to be the best companies for the world, and not just in the world”

Since 2019 Sancoffee has been a B-certified company seeking to balance purpose and profit. Taking in consideration in its decisions all the stakeholders. Based on the B Impact assessment, Sancoffee earned an overall score of 88.9. In 2022, we will pass through the recertification process.

Our approach

Sancoffee was born in 2000 as a specialty coffee coop.
Since its foundation, Sancoffee has been the main driving force for quality in the Campo das Vertentes region. We strive to consistently produce amazing coffees, using the most advanced and sustainable agricultural practices, empowering coffee growers to access international markets and build long-lasting relationships with roasters and importers  around the globe.  

Each bean carries the soul and the hard work of a coffee grower.
Each cup is the expression of our terroir. We work relentlessly to showcase these coffees around the world,
keeping loyal to our history and values.

Driving principles


To be a platform for continuous evolution in the specialty coffee chain.


We cultivate relationships, we harvest trust and we promote prosperity.



To fulfil and deliver exactly what was agreed.


To be open to change and pursue ways to improve.


To act according to our beliefs and principles.


To take care and serve with full attention.


To provide free access; To be open and frank.


Beyond Borders Program

- A Small Coffee Growers Program -

In our quest for greater social impact, we decided to offer the Sancoffee experience to small coffee holders within our communities. This program was created in 2012 and provides tools for market access and continuous technical support. The families are enjoying greater recognition of their work and adding value to their production.






Certified Farms by Certifica Minas Program

USD 239,613.47

Premium Paid to Growers 37% Above Local Market Prices

Nascentes Project

- Women united are as powerful as the confluence of waters! -

Nascentes was born from the strength of women coffee growers in Campo das Vertentes. Inspired by the water springs that turn into rivers and create some of the greatest water basins in Brazil, these women have gathered in their diversity to better showcase their essential work within coffee. The organic and plural fluidity of water represents a contemporary and feminine concept. Hence, the name “Nascentes”, meaning in Portuguese where something starts.


Women Growers



Sancoffee in the field

- A educational program to growers, co-workers and community -

We recognize the importance of social development to foster  sustainable communities. Our attention is particularly focused on education and training. In this sense, we co-host several professional training courses for the youth. In addition, we promote workshops aiming at coffee growers and farm workers. By providing these opportunities, we hope we can transform lives


Benefited People






Bio Recovery Program

- A future for the planet -

As part of our environmental engagement, Sancoffee members created a program to preserve the nature and rich biodiversity of Campo das Vertentes. This program aims to recover some areas that had been deteriorated in the past through growing seedlings, planting native trees and protecting water sources.


Hectares of recovered area

(equivalent to 20 soccer fields)


Springs Recovered


Native trees planted


Recovered gullies

Carbon Neutral | Sancoffee

- Sancoffee’s office and warehouse offset -

As coffee growers, we are connected with nature but also involved with the most important economic activity in our region. Thus, we strongly believe we can collaborate more with the planet and our people. Since 2020, we have been able to offset 100% percent of greenhouse gases emissions. Becoming one of the first coffee coops to achieve Carbon Neutrality in Brazil.

523 tons of CO2 offset since 2020

Carbon Balance | farms

At the farm level, we are carrying out research to better understand the carbon footprint and how different agricultural practices may influence the stock of carbon in the plants and soil. We are still learning from this process but hope to be able to further integrate the systems with an aim of net negative carbon operations in the near future.

Some of our clients

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