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We cultivate relationships, we harvest trust, we promote prosperity.

We are in the people business, coffee is just the best excuse to bring us together. Thus, we are committed to promote positive impacts in the world and life-changing opportunities for everyone engaged in our community.

  • Our relationship with Sancoffee has been a wonderful, informative experience. Sancoffee has opened our eyes to the correct way to produce amazing Brazilian coffee while supporting coffee growers. Knowing Sancoffee is a B-corporation company like us, provides the comfort that the cooperative is committed to a sustainable future.

    Tim Thwaites
    Client - Coda Coffee
  • I am extremely proud to be one of the founders of Sancoffee and a member of this group until today. From the start, this coop has been a major incentive in our quest to always improve and progress. Being a member has helped me to introduce innovations and better processes at our farm to produce specialty coffees as well as to improve­ management and agricultural practices. Nowadays, we can see our coffee around the world. This recognition of our work is very satisfying and motivates us to continue on this journey.

    Josué Figueiredo
    Coop grower - Fazenda Bom Jardim
  • I have always wished to become a member of Sancoffee. This cooperative has a unique business model, well-established values and is the benchmark for excellence in services provided. In 2019, I had the opportunity to join this incredible group of 20 growers, which strengthened my passion for producing specialty coffees, combining sustainability and social responsibility. Today, being part of Sancoffee is a dream come true, the apex of my journey as a coffee grower. It is also additional motivation to constantly improve my farm.

    Luiz Framarion P. Figueiredo
    Coop grower - Fazenda Taquaral
  • This partnership with Sancoffee has transformed my life as a coffee grower because it is based on transparency. I know all the steps my coffee undergoes inside Sancoffee and to which client it is sold. This relationship has brought a new perspective in terms of knowledge about specialty coffees and better business opportunities with great impact to my farm. Each visit I receive from buyers on my farm is really enjoyable and a great encouragement to keep producing better and better coffees that people will appreciate around the world.

    Eunice Vargas
    Beyond Borders grower - Sítio Novo Horizonte
  • The partnership established with Sancoffee has been a gift to our child day care center: “José Cambraia de Andrade”. There is a relationship of trust among us, the community and Sancoffee. The impact for each of these children has been a watershed in their lives, with direct influence on their development as human beings. This relationship has created new experiences and opportunities for our children, improving their learning process with positive outcomes for their personal development.

    Lúcia Helena B. Avelar
    Community - Kindergarten "José Cambraia de Andrade"
  • Being part of this team is a source of great gratitude for me! Here we are challenged every day to become better, to overcome hurdles, to pursue our dreams and be bold facing any battle. All this serves as motivation and satisfaction to work with something I’m inspired by, I can contribute and feel replenished. Besides believing in the culture and values of this company, I admire the people I work with, it feels like we belong to the same family and I’m very proud to be part of this team. This feeling that together we can go further is what feeds my passion for Sancoffee.

    Sidnei Corrêa Silva
    Worker - Warehouse coordinator

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