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Meet Ana Carolina - Risk Manager at Sancoffee

We continue introducing you to the members of the Sancoffee team. Today we're happy to share a story of Ana Carolina, exchange risks processes manager. 


Q: What do you do at Sancoffee?

My first role at Sancoffee was in export operations, managing the whole logistical process since the coffee leaves our warehouse until its arrival at its final destination. I have just recently shifted to a new position as a risk manager to become responsible for the financial part of the exports, including foreign exchange operations, commodity futures contracts as well as relationship with banks and producers.

Q: What motivates you as a person?

My motivation comes from the will to start each new day doing my best. I love to move, exercise, work, and always occupy my time. 
I am inspired by the pursuit of happiness for my family and my son, who is on the way, by the new challenges that arise every day and my ability to deal with them. I am motivated by my success and that of those around me, by the well being of my family, life motivates me to live.

Q: What is impact for you?
For me impact is linked to repercussion of actions of one or more people or an institution, a company or an organization in the environment in which they are functioning or in the area of their interests. This involves not only customers, employees and suppliers, but also the surrounding community. The concept is directly related to the value chain to which the action is directed.

Q: How do you like your coffee?

I like having coffee early in the morning freshly brewed with citrus and floral notes.

Q: What do you like most at your work?

I know that in Sancoffee's environment I work with like-minded people who care about me. It is rewarding to grow together with Sancoffee and face new challenges every day.

Q: What are you most excited about in the next year?

First, the challenge of being a mother, to be able to provide the best for my son. Second, it will be to reconcile the mission of being a mother and work, doing my best for both. I am also excited about the next harvest, with the prospect of a good crop and excellent coffees for producers, providing new challenges and trends in this exotic and wonderful world.