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Meet Tais - Environmental Consultant

Meet Taís Regina Lima Abreu Veiga, an environmental consultant passionate about creating positive impacts through reforestation and environmental projects. Discover her story and dedication to improving the world through her work.


What drives you as a person?

My greatest motivation is the well-being of my family and the people I love. I love challenges and developing new activities. I enjoy developing processes and monitoring their results. I get very excited when I see results that positively impact people's lives. Feeling that I'm contributing to a better world makes me happy.

What's your background?

I am a Forestry Engineer, with a master's and doctorate in the field. Graduated from the Federal University of Lavras.

What do you do at Sancoffee?

I am an environmental consultant, working on projects aimed at environmental improvements on associated farms. These projects involve environmental regularization, as well as reforestation and recovery actions for degraded areas.

2024: Bio recovery work in progress, planting trees
Image: Jan 2024, Next phase of bio recovery work in progress, planting trees in degraded areas

What is impact for you?

Impact is about results. Consequences of actions, whether positive or negative.

How do you like your coffee?

I like my coffee without sugar, warm, with hints of chocolate.

What do you love most about your job?

I love planting. I enjoy creating forests and restoring degraded areas. It's very rewarding to see the positive impact of these activities on the climate, soil quality, water quantity and quality, and the increase in diversity.

Image: Bio recovery porject first results, 2020 vs 2023

What do you feel most excited about in 2024?

I see each new year as a new opportunity for growth and overcoming challenges. I am very excited to continue with the environmental projects we are developing. I really want to monitor the impact of these actions on farms and people's lives.


Learn more about the environmental work of Tais and other impact projects of Sancoffee from our Impact Report.