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About Sancoffee

Sancoffee is an independent specialty coffee cooperative from Brazil with a strong focus on direct relationships and ESG initiatives.

Since 2019, we have been pushing for more transparency in the coffee industry by setting social and environmental impact goals and publishing an annual impact report. Meet our team at Specialty Coffee Expo to learn more about our initiatives and coffees. 

You can meet us at one of our partner stands or simply reach out to us to arrange a 1:1 coffee.

Impact Report 2022

Since 2018 we’ve been allocating a share of our profits to fund numerous social and environmental initiatives in the region. We’ve achieved a lot of progress since then and last year was not an exception despite all the price volatility and challenges introduced by nature. Download our 2022 Report to learn more about our key impact initiatives and current progress.

Here’s a short summary of what you will find inside of the Report:

  • About Sancoffee
  • Facts and Figures | Main markets
  • Impact Overview
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Governance
  • Environmental
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Future outlook

Meet our team in Portland

  • Ana Claudia Silva

    Since 2019
    Relationship and Impact

  • Allan Botrel

    Since 2018
    Business development

  • Fabrício Andrade

    Since 2014

  • Henrique Cambraia

    Since 2000
    Co-founder and Market development

This is Sancoffee!

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    Fabrício Andrade / CEO
    +55 35 9 9935 3958

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