What we do


Business model

Sancoffee is a collective of coffee growers deeply rooted in Campo das Vertentes.

We keep our boots on the ground, cultivating not only coffee, but also relationships.

Our business model is based on empowering growers, so that they are able to produce higher quality in a consistent and responsible manner.

This way, we can focus on long term relationships to create prosperity, promote a positive impact in our communities, and build a sustainable future together to keep this cycle moving.

Coffee offer

Great coffees do not happen by accident. They are a combination of terroir + variety + process + hard work.

For this reason, at Sancoffee we carry out continuous quality control, beginning in the farms. We place special attention to harvest and post harvest procedures, tracing and caring for each individual batch.  

We see technology and innovation as key factors to obtain high quality coffees consistently. Therefore, we are constantly experimenting with new varietals and improving processing methods.

Special Preps

High end micro-lots, carefully processed in small batches, yielding very distinctive attributes.


Single varietal, specific process, from one plot.

Recipes: Chocolate, Caramelo and Red Fruits

Recipes made with selected cup profiles fully traceable back to Sancoffee growers.

Contact Us
Fabrício Andrade / CEO
+55 35 9 9935 3958

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